Office Brzeska 18

Brzeska 18, Warsaw, Praga

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Brzeska 18, Brzeska 18, Warsaw, Praga
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About Brzeska 18 office

18 Brzeska St. is an exceptionally beautiful historic townhouse undergoing full restoration. It is one of the most recognizable townhouses on the right side of the Vistula River. It has 6 floors above ground and offers about 4,000 sqm of total space. The building contains residential, office and retail/service units. The use of modern technological solutions in the interiors guarantees the appropriate standard and comfort. High windows provide optimal access to natural daylight. The tenement house at 18 Brzeska Street is located in the heart of the artistic district, i.e. Warsaw's Praga, surrounded by galleries, clubs, atmospheric and historical places and revitalized post-industrial spaces. The neighborhood is home to Galeria Wileńska, Praga Koneser Center and Praga Park, among others. Just four stops away, just across the Slasko-Dabrowski bridge, is the Old Town Square. The location allows you to take full advantage of the capital's retail, service, gastronomic, cultural and hotel offer. The location allows efficient access to the other districts, both by public transportation and your own means of transport. Nearby are numerous bus and streetcar stops, Dworzec Wileński metro line II station and railroad stations: Warszawa Wileńska and Warszawa Wschodnia. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the Central Station by car, and about 30 minutes to reach Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Brzeska 18 office lease offer

Rent space100–200
Rent47.95 PLN/
Service charge10 PLN/m2

Brzeska 18 property info

Total office space4,000 m2
Completion date2018

These property particulars are only of information character and do not constitute offer to conclude any agreement within the meaning of provisions of Polish Civil Code (Journal of Laws from 1964, no. 16, item 93 as amended).

Brzeska 18 location

In the immediate vicinity there are bus stops, incl. Markowska 02, Kijowska 07, Markowska 01, Ząbkowska 02, Kijowska 08, Ząbkowska 01, Rzeszotarskiej 02, Rzeszotarskiej 01, Kijowska 02, Metro Stadion Narodowy 12, Metro Stadion Narodowy 11, Ząbkowska 06, Kijowska 01, Metro Stadion Narodowy 01, Okrzei 02, Dw. Wileński 04, Okrzei 01, Dw. Wileński 01, Metro Stadion Narodowy 02, Korsaka 02, Al. Zieleniecka 01, Dw. Wileński 09, Dw. Wileński 02, Szwedzka 02, Inżynierska 05, Szwedzka 01, Al. Zieleniecka 03, Al. Zieleniecka 02, Dw. Wschodni (Kijowska) 11, Strzelecka 02, Al. Zieleniecka 09, Szwedzka 05, Al. Zieleniecka 04, Inżynierska 02, Dw. Wileński 05, Szwedzka 07, Dw. Wschodni (Kijowska) 13, Korsaka 01, most Świętokrzyski 04, Sierakowskiego 01, Inżynierska 01, Szwedzka 04.
The possibility of access by tram is provided by 20 stops such as Kijowska 04, Kijowska 06, Ząbkowska 03, Ząbkowska 04, Kijowska 03, Środkowa 01, Al. Zieleniecka 05, Dw. Wileński 07, Konopacka 02, Konopacka 01, Czynszowa 01, Dw. Wileński 08, Al. Zieleniecka 07, Dw. Wschodni (Kijowska) 15, Dw. Wschodni (Kijowska) 01, Al. Zieleniecka 06, Inżynierska 04, Dw. Wileński 03, Inżynierska 03, Dw. Wschodni (Kijowska) 02.
The Brzeska 18 office building is perfectly connected. Less than 1 kilometer away there are 2 metro stations - Stadion Narodowy, Dworzec Wileński. The nearest station is 630 meters away.
It is possible to travel by train from the Warszawa Stadion station.

City bus

Markowska 02

130 m2 min

Kijowska 07

350 m5 min

Markowska 01

380 m5 min

Kijowska 04

310 m4 min

Kijowska 06

370 m5 min

Ząbkowska 03

410 m5 min

Stadion Narodowy

630 m8 min

Dworzec Wileński

730 m9 min

Warszawa Stadion

850 m11 min
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