Office Domaniewska 45

Domaniewska 45, Warsaw, Mokotów

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Domaniewska 45, Domaniewska 45, Warsaw, Mokotów
Domaniewska 45, Domaniewska 45, Warsaw, Mokotów
Domaniewska 45, Domaniewska 45, Warsaw, Mokotów
Domaniewska 45, Domaniewska 45, Warsaw, Mokotów
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About Domaniewska 45 office

Domaniewska 45 is a modern office building with a representative appearance, offering approx. 10,000 sq m of office space spread over 8 above-ground floors. The facility is equipped with a reception, conference center, security and building access control. Comfortable working environment is provided by a high standard of finish, glass facades and optimal daylight supply. The structure of the building allows for flexible arrangement of space. The minimum lease area is 158 sq m. Average floor plate is 1,292 sq m. Tenants have 151 parking spaces in a 3-level underground garage and 13 above-ground parking spaces at their disposal. The building is located in Mokotów – one of the most dynamically developing business districts of the capital, close to the airport and expressway S79. The location enables efficient access to other parts of the city, both by public and private transport. Nearby, there are bus and tram stops, a bit further the Warszawa Służewiec railway station. A drive to the Warszawa Centralna railway station and Warsaw Chopin Airport takes approx. 10 minutes, to the Wilanowska metro station – approx. 6 minutes. In the close vicinity, there are headquarters of many companies, the Galeria Mokotów shopping center, numerous restaurants, cafes, banks, fitness clubs and kindergartens.

Domaniewska 45 property features

  • Access control
  • Air conditioning
  • BMS
  • Carpeting
  • Computer cabling
  • Fibre optics
  • Openable windows
  • Power cabling
  • Raised floor
  • Smoke detectors
  • Telephone Cabling

Domaniewska 45 office lease offer

Rent space150–4,561
Rent12–12.5 €/㎡
Service charge27 PLN/m2

Domaniewska 45 property info

Total office space9,846 m2
Typical floor space1,278 m2
Completion date2Q2014

These property particulars are only of information character and do not constitute offer to conclude any agreement within the meaning of provisions of Polish Civil Code (Journal of Laws from 1964, no. 16, item 93 as amended).

Domaniewska 45 location

In the immediate vicinity there are bus stops, incl. Domaniewska Office Park 01, Park Postępu 02, Domaniewska Office Park 02, Racjonalizacji 01, Wynalazek 02, Wynalazek 01, Postępu 02, Racjonalizacji 02, Racjonalizacji 04, Wynalazek 03, Os. Pozytywny Mokotów 02, Os. Pozytywny Mokotów 03, Stolbud 01, Wynalazek 04, Os. Pozytywny Mokotów 01, Park Postępu 01, Postępu 04, Suwak 03, Os. Nowy Mokotów 03, Postępu 03, Maklakiewicza 03, Maklakiewicza 01, PKP Służewiec 14, Postępu 01, PKP Służewiec 13, Zajezdnia Woronicza 03, PKP Służewiec 12, PKP Służewiec 11, Suwak 02, Zajezdnia Woronicza 02, Maklakiewicza 02, Rondo Żabczyńskiego 02, Os. Nowy Mokotów 01, Rondo Żabczyńskiego 04, Komputerowa 01, Zajezdnia Woronicza 01, Komputerowa 02, Konstruktorska 06, Domaniewska 06, Rondo Żabczyńskiego 03, Rondo Unii Europejskiej 04, Etiudy Rewolucyjnej 01, PKP Służewiec 02, PKP Służewiec 01, Domaniewska 01, Instytut Reumatologii 01, Rondo Unii Europejskiej 02, Konstruktorska 01, Domaniewska 03, Domaniewska 04, Spartańska 01, Domaniewska 02, Konstruktorska 03, Rondo Unii Europejskiej 03, Konstruktorska 04, Woronicza 10, Etiudy Rewolucyjnej 02, Konstruktorska 02, Woronicza 06, Woronicza 01, Domaniewska 05, Woronicza 03.
Access by tram is provided by the Woronicza 10 stop.
It is possible to travel by train from the Warszawa Służewiec station.

City bus

Domaniewska Office Park 01

90 m2 min

Park Postępu 02

130 m2 min

Domaniewska Office Park 02

240 m3 min

Woronicza 10

940 m12 min

Warszawa Służewiec

850 m11 min
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Market information about Domaniewska 45

Miloan Polska a new tenant in Domaniewska 45 office building. moving already in July

Miloan Polska, which offers short-term loans, will become a tenant of Domaniewska 45 office building. The move to the new premises is already planned for July. The Domaniewska 45 office building pr...