Office Spektrum Tower

Twarda 18, Warsaw, Centrum

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Spektrum Tower, Twarda 18, Warsaw, Centrum
Spektrum Tower, Twarda 18, Warsaw, Centrum
Spektrum Tower, Twarda 18, Warsaw, Centrum
Spektrum Tower, Twarda 18, Warsaw, Centrum
Spektrum Tower, Twarda 18, Warsaw, Centrum
Spektrum Tower, Twarda 18, Warsaw, Centrum
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About Spektrum Tower office

Spektrum Tower is a prestigious office skyscraper located in the Central Business District, near the Palace of Culture and Science. It is located near the UN Roundabout in the second line of development looking from the main traffic arteries. It has 30 floors above ground and 28,000 sqm of leasable space. The area of a typical floor ranges from 850 to 1,300 sqm. The glass office building is distinguished by its recognizable, diversified body. A characteristic element of the building is an external panoramic elevator tilted from the vertical by 14 degrees. The skyscraper offers attractive office space with a beautiful view of the Warsaw skyline. The high standard of finishes, the use of pro-environmental solutions confirmed by the BREEAM Very Good certificate, the possibility of flexible space arrangement and optimal access to daylight, provide comfortable working conditions. The building features retail and service points, including restaurants, a fitness club and a medical clinic. Tenants have green terraces at their disposal, as well as a multi-level underground parking lot with infrastructure for cyclists. Spektrum Tower is located on the border of the Śródmieście and Wola districts, surrounded by high-end skyscrapers. The area is home to the aforementioned Palace of Culture and Science, Swietokrzyski Park and the Złote Tarasy shopping mall. The neighborhood's proximity to banks, international companies, as well as hotels, theaters, stores, cafes and restaurants, creates an inspiring business environment. The bustling city center provides inspiration and motivation for action, and is also a place for business and social gatherings. The location allows for efficient transportation, both by public and private transport. Numerous bus and streetcar stops are nearby, as well as Rondo ONZ metro line II station. It takes about 3 minutes to get by car to the Warsaw Central Railway Station, about 15 minutes to Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Spektrum Tower property features

  • Access control
  • Air conditioning
  • BMS
  • Carpeting
  • Computer cabling
  • Fibre optics
  • Green certificate
  • Openable windows
  • Power cabling
  • Raised floor
  • Smoke detectors
  • Suspended ceiling
  • Telephone Cabling

Spektrum Tower office lease offer

Rent space100–2,218
Rent18–19 €/㎡
Service charge37.2 PLN/m2

Spektrum Tower property info

Total office space28,000 m2
Completion date2003

These property particulars are only of information character and do not constitute offer to conclude any agreement within the meaning of provisions of Polish Civil Code (Journal of Laws from 1964, no. 16, item 93 as amended).

Spektrum Tower location

In the immediate vicinity there are bus stops, incl. Rondo ONZ 02, Rondo ONZ 04, Al. Jana Pawła II 01, Rondo ONZ 05, Rondo ONZ 03, Rondo ONZ 08, Rondo ONZ 01, Al. Jana Pawła II 02, Rondo ONZ 06, Rondo ONZ 10, Hala Mirowska 02, Hala Mirowska 03, Pl. Grzybowski 04, Hala Mirowska 01, Hala Mirowska 04, Emilii Plater 01, Emilii Plater 02, Norblin 03, Mennica 01, Norblin 01, Emilii Plater 05, Norblin 04, Dw. Centralny 04, Dw. Centralny 10, Pl. Grzybowski 03, Sienna 02, Norblin 05, Norblin 06, Sienna 01, Dw. Centralny 23, Dw. Centralny 27, Dw. Centralny 09, Dw. Centralny 30, Dw. Centralny 21, Dw. Centralny 12, Dw. Centralny 25, Kino Femina 08, Dw. Centralny 29, Pl. Starynkiewicza 06, Dw. Centralny 11, Mennica 03, Dw. Centralny 08, Kino Femina 07, Dw. Centralny 02, Pl. Starynkiewicza 04, Kino Femina 10, Kino Femina 01, Mennica 04, Królewska 04, Dw. Centralny 05, Norblin 02, Dw. Centralny 07, Kino Femina 06, Dw. Centralny 14, Dw. Centralny 01, Kino Femina 02, Królewska 01, Dw. Centralny 16, Królewska 06, Pl. Starynkiewicza 03, Kino Femina 05, Pl. Bankowy 01, Królewska 05, Pl. Bankowy 03, Metro Świętokrzyska 03, Kino Femina 09, Metro Świętokrzyska 04, Pl. Bankowy 04, Pl. Starynkiewicza 01.
160 meters from Spektrum Tower is the Rondo ONZ metro station.
It is possible to travel by train from the Warszawa Centralna station.

City bus

Rondo ONZ 02

60 m1 min

Rondo ONZ 04

80 m1 min

Al. Jana Pawła II 01

160 m2 min

Rondo ONZ

160 m2 min

Warszawa Centralna

780 m10 min
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Market information about Spektrum Tower

Spektrum Tower has been sold

The Spektrum Tower office building has been purchased by Globalworth for €101 million. The building offers 29,500 square meters of Class A technical standard space, and is more than 90 percent commerc...

The Spectrum Tower in Warsaw will remain the headquarters of the American Chamber of Commerce

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